If you’re using a computer or laptop, there is an issue says your ip has been temporarily blocked, which is not a very common error for a person using a Windows laptop. This may be due to the violation of the terms and conditions of the website or the service. If you have tried to log in so many times, then it will be blocked for some time and will be back again. You can use the VPN or a proxy method which is very fast to get around the IP block, but if the IP is banned for some time, then you have to wait for the IP to start again. IP-blocked errors are mostly done by Windows users, but you set the IP address blocked from using the website could be possible. There are too many reasons for the block issue. There are seven methods for solving the issue of the IP block for the Windows user.

Why Is Your IP Has Been Temporarily Blocked?

The error of blocking the IP address is temporarily occurring in the pc, but if it has been blocked, then it can stop you from accessing the website you want to open or the service that is using.

Multiple Logins.

If the website you see opening has a limit of users, then it can stop you from logging in to the website.

Network connection.

If you are opening the same website timely, then you may have an issue with the insured connection.

Country ban.

While playing games or payment providers or some of the steaming websites, they have some restrictions of the location, which is not accessible to some of the countries for using the website you want.

What Should You Do If the IP is Temporarily Blocked?

  • Before you make use of the steps, try on the small steps which are given below, and let’s find out if it works or not.
  • You have to reset the router you are using and also the pc. Many times the simple trick solves the problem very easily your ip has been temporarily blocked.
  • You have to keep the OS updated to clear out the error occurring during the work.
  • You should use another web browser and check if the website is still blocking.
  • Read the full message of blockage; if there is a block for trying to log in too many times, then it will have some waiting time to follow. After that, you can try again to log in. so just for the movement to log in.
  • You can connect to the other Wi-Fi network to clear or check whether it has been blocked or not.

Here are some of the Main Solutions you can use to solve the IP issue if the above one is not working for you then.

  • Check if your ip has been temporarily blocked address has been blocked.
  • Open one of the web browsers, then visit the website whatismyipaddress.com and then click on the check IP address option on the web page.
  • After clicking on the check IP address option, the website will scan and give you a whole report of data collection of the IP address that you have entered. It will also show whether the IP address is being blocked or not.
  • Most of the websites we log in are public IP addresses that are blocked. This is very much busy data that is taken from other websites and have the IP address for the spammers and the perfect hackers.

You have to change the DNS Server.

  • First, click on the windows option and then click on the R, then click and type the command nipa. Cpl and then click on the enter option.
  • Now, click right on the internet connection option on the tab and then click on the properties option to open.
  • There will pop-up windows; click twice on the internet protocol version 4(TCP/IPV4) option in the tab.
  • Now, click on the option to use the following DNS server address, then enter the number ay like as the preferred DNS server, and then enter the next option of as if for the use of the alternate DNS Server.
  • Click on the ok option and then close the windows; it will bypass the IP, which is blocked after the resetting of the DNS address.

Check for Malware.

  • First, click on the Windows option and then click on the S key, click on the Windows security option, and then click the enter option.
  • Find and then click on the virus and threat protection option and then select the scan option to scan the pc for the virus.
  • Then, click on the option full scan and then click on the scan now option to start the scan.

You Should Use the VPN.

  • If the IP has been blocked for some time, then this is the easiest and simplest way to unblock the IP using the VPN client to open the websites.
  • There are many types of VPNs available to use as free and also paid ones too, which can help you to boost up the IP which is blocked.
  • It would help if you had the leading VPN tool, which has the strongest online encryption and IP tools to stop IP blocking on the laptop.
  • The Express VPN is one the most top ones to use for privacy and also for online data protection. It gives you three thousand servers to use in 94 different countries.
  • You can also opt for the website, which is being restricted worldwide and can be opened very easily without having and banned or blocked option.

Your cause contacts the webmaster of the website or the sites which are blocked and knows why it has been banned for a given time. Sometimes the webmaster blocks the whole group of the IP as he wants, or it can be done mistily also, as the IP addresses have been in the group in which you have been banned. These steps can solve the issue of the IP block for some time. This is all about your ip has been temporarily blocked.