We all enjoy online video games with a better experience only. If the game runs smoothly, we all love to play games on that device. Windows version has the best experience with games. Windows 10 has the best experience in gaming. Then came Windows 11 version in the market. People upgrade their devices to play games. Microsoft introduced Windows 11 as its latest version after Windows 10. Now the question is, Is Windows 11 better than Windows 10 for the game?

Then some of the users went for some games. They found that the experience of gaming in Windows 11 is better than in Windows 10. So people feel the age is smooth than before the version of Windows. After that, an experiment was under to find the gaming compatibility of Windows 11. The result from the US was first in the line. And then other countries also felt the same. So Microsoft decided Windows 11 was the best version for gaming. In this article, we will see more about the smooth gaming experience in Windows 11 as below;

What is the performance of Games on Windows 11?

Windows 11 is a new version of Windows. It is after Windows 10. Microsoft brought Windows 11 version to the market. Now the Windows 11 version is available on every device. Or one can install Windows 11 version on any device that follows the rules for installing it. Windows 11 installation is very easy. Anyone can follow some simple steps and install it. There are various features in Windows 11. These features are the latest features. Now we will see the gaming features in Windows 11 as it is observed that games run smoothly on Windows 11 Operating system. Gamers were eager to try games on Windows 11. Some of them tried the games. And they felt the performance so smooth.

Even the game’s performance on Windows 11 was better than on Windows 10. Gamers were feeling excited to share their gaming experience on Social media. So every player made a rush on Social media. Some issues we being observed in Windows 11. Due to those issues, users thought that it might be hard to play games on it. But the result went something different. The Windows 11 Operating system accepted the games. And the performance of games on Windows 11 was great. The smooth games on Windows 11 are Far Cry, Crash 4, and Minecraft. And the performance of these games on Windows 11 was so better than on Windows 10 OS. So sharing reviews of games by users was increasing. And this is how the game performs on Windows 11.

What are the gaming features of Windows 11?

As Windows 11 is the new version of Windows after Windows 10. So it has various features in it. Microsoft launched Windows 11 version recently. Then people begin to install the new version of Windows 11. They saw some flaws in the new version. They saw that it was not having Microsoft Store in it. So because of that, they were not trying any game on it. But after some while, gamers began playing games on Windows 11. They felt that the performance of the games on Windows 11 was so better. Then the gamers began to play the games on Windows 11. Then they also began sharing the result and performance with the world through social media. And this part became a rush on social media. Now there are some gaming features in Windows 11. We will see those features below;

  • It has the ultimate Game Pass.
  • Here the player has a pass.
  • Then the pass is for playing games on Windows 11.
  • The pass allows the players to pay for games according to their needs.
  • Then it comes with new titles for every month that accesses various titles.
  • And these titles were by Microsoft.
  • So these are the gaming features of Windows 11.

Gaming features of Windows 11 includes Xbox Application:-

Windows 11 has access to the Xbox application. Here the players can enjoy games. Then it comes with a sync feature. And with that player can sync the game library. Then it can create a Microsoft account on it to access the game library. Windows 11 allows creating the avatars on the Xbox application. And the player can also customize the avatar according to his need. Then it has a cloud gaming feature. Using it, the player can handle another device for playing games on the Xbox application. 

It has a Game bar:-

The next feature is the Game bar. Windows 11 has a separate game bar. If you want to access the game bar, you have to press the keys Windows + G together. The key will permit you to access the game bar. Then using the access, the players can play games and stream the games. Then without a game bar, you cannot get a screenshot of the game. And even you cannot capture video of the game. So access to the game bar is a must. Following are some feature that allows you to get access to the Game bar;

  • One can capture videos, Screenshots, Streaming, etc.
  • Then players can also connect with other friends.
  • Then one can also adjust the volume and sound of the game.
  • One can also manage the applications and background sources.
  • Then one can also keep a watch on the game while playing it.
  • The player can also make some changes to it while playing games on Windows 11.
  • So these are all features on Windows 11.

It has a Widget store:-

Then comes the main gaming feature of Windows 11. The Widget store allows gamers to play games smoothly. It includes with Xbox game bar and allows the smooth performance of the game on Windows 11. Then it has a wide store of widgets. Here players can select various widgets. Again it can control the lightening and other resources of the device. Here are the steps to access the Widget store feature of Windows 11;

  • First of all, press the shortcut keys like Windows + G.
  • Then go to the Widget menu.
  • Then from there, on the Game bar, select Widget store.
  • After that, choose the application that you want to install.
  • And finally, click on the Install option.
  • That’s it, and the widget store is open for the players.

It also has DirectX 12 Ultimate:-

The anther feature of gaming is DirectX 12 Ultimate. It is the main gaming feature of Windows 11. Then the feature contains APIs. Then it also has graphics. The graphics of Windows 11 are the best for game lovers. If any game needs graphics and 3D multimedia, then DirectX 12 Ultimate helps with performance. 

So these are the gaming features of windows 11.

Windows 11 gaming performance on PC:-

Windows 11 has access to every device. But only the devices that are compatible with the new version. Now we will see the compatibility of the PC with Windows 11. Now we come to hear that Windows 11 can do better with PC gaming. Microsoft also says that still, new features are yet to come. These features will improve gaming performance in Windows 11. So PC users can get some lags while playing games on Windows 11.

Due to the gaming feature, the RAM of the device is full. So PC users can need some external support. Then some events of Windows 11 can increase day by day. So then, the players can enjoy gaming more on PC. PC can not be compatible regarding space and storage. So the games may lag in between. So these are the gaming performances on Windows 11 PC. That’s it.

Fix gaming issues On Windows 11 Operating System:-

Instead of better performance in gaming, an error may occur. Some players may face an issue. So for that, Microsoft has to take a foot further. They need to work on the tools to fix the errors while gaming on Windows 11. Then some players still face issues while gaming on Windows 11. So we will see the errors and the solutions to fix those errors. You have to download some tools and get the issues solved.

For that, you have to go to the browser. Then from there, download the tool This PC repair tool. And then install the tool to fix the error. And after installing the tools, use them. For that, go to the Start Scan option. And then click on the Repair All option if available. And that’s, the tool will fix the error regarding gaming performance on other FPS devices Windows 11.


Do games run smoothly on Windows 11?

Ans Till now, the games run smoothly on Windows 11. Some players reported the game runs smoother on Windows 11 than on Windows 10.

How is the performance of the game on Windows 11?

Ans: The performance of the game is very smooth and effective.

How does the game perform on Windows 11 PC?

Ans: Some of them face storage issues while playing games.

What are the key gaming features of Windows 11?

Ans: It includes a Game bar. Then it has an Xbox application. And it also contains DirectX 12 Ultimate feature in it.