Windows 11 is the latest version on the market. Microsoft launched it recently in the market. Windows 11 is a multitasking version. Microsoft developed Windows 11 with various features and tasks. So that the user will feel interested in using this version, it also arranges the application in a better manner. Windows 11 includes the redesigning Taskbar, Windows, Start Menu, etc., like interfaces. In this article, we will get to know more and detail the features of Windows 11 one by one.

Even you can install the Windows 11 version on your PC. First, the testing was going on. Then they came to a conclusion regarding PC. After testing, they launched Windows 11 version in the market. It is said that the Windows 11 version is more compatible with gaming. The gaming features are better in Windows 11 than in Windows 10. It might fulfil the needs of gamers. Following are some new and best features on Windows 11;

About free activation of Windows 11:-

Now the question comes, Is Windows 11 free? Then the answer is Yes. Windows 11 version is free. Anyone can install it for free. You can find the Windows 11 version on Microsoft’s official website. Even if you are upgrading it, Windows 11 will not ask for any charges. So PC users, Laptop users, and Tablet users can download and install Windows 11 for free.

Whenever you upgrade the version, take a backup of your files. So when you go for the new version, you will be able to get the files back. And when a user upgrades the system, the previous data may vanish. So for that, you need to get a backup of files first. So that it will be easy to get the old files back; that’s it.

Steps to upgrade Windows 11 on PC?

It is a piece of good news for PC users. Now Windows 11 is also available on PC. So you can e it on your PC. Following are the steps to upgrade Windows 11 on a PC;

  • First of all, open the settings.
  • You can use the shortcut key Windows + I together to open the settings.
  • Then settings will open.
  • After that, go to Upgrade and Security option.
  • Then click on the Download and Install option.
  • After that, finish the process.
  • Downloading and installation will take some time.
  • So could you wait for a while till it finishes?
  • That’s it; Windows 11 will upgrade on your device.

List of the Best and new features of Windows 11:

Windows 11 is the newest version of Windows from Microsoft. The best-ever version for gaming. Now we will see the newest and best features in Windows 11. We will see internal as well as external features of Windows 11. So to know every feature in detail, follow the article below;

The Best Windows Widgets feature:-

Now the first best feature in Windows 11 is the Windows Widgets. If the user can access Windows Widgets, he can get more widgets from the library. So for that, users have to get access to Microsoft account first. Now, where will we find these Windows Widgets? You will find Widgets on the right side of the Desktop. On another device, you can find it directly on the Taskbar icon. Using Widget, you can configure various options and panels on Windows 11. The new Windows Widget feature has changed every design and tile. Even it will keep your Start menu away from gathering. So this feature is the best feature in Windows 11 for new users. Then enjoy the feature and get to know about Windows 11.

The best New UI design feature:-

The next best feature and a new feature in Windows 11 is the New UI design. The new UI design is very better than the old one. It might be easy for the user to recognize the contexts. The contexts are bigger than before. Some of them will like it, and some will not. But it will be easy for the users to differentiate between each context. Before that, in Windows 10, this feature was not available.

The context was not recognizable. But in Windows 11, it is recognizable easily. Even the user feels fresh due to its interface. We were then talking about its interface. The interface of Windows 11 UI design is so sleek. The arrangement or interface is so systematic. Then the file manager also with some changes in its design and look. So these are the new UI designs available in Windows 11.

The best Docking and multi-monitor support feature:-

Another best and new feature in Windows 11 is the docking and multi-monitor support feature. Sometimes we face disconnection of the second screen. And due to this, the data gets deleted. So the new monitoring feature will store the data again on the second screen. Then you can start from the page where you were working. Then the docking support can also memorize all the second screen pages and get them back. So this is the best ever feature of Windows 11. To know more about the feature, visit the docking and multi-monitoring feature of Windows 11.

The best and New start menu and Taskbar feature:-

The before versions of Windows were so simple. The start menu was simple. Then the Taskbar was so simple. Then Microsoft thought of something better to do. So they change the Start Menu and the Taskbar. And this is the big change by Microsoft in Windows 11. The Taskbar in Windows 11 is in between. Before, it was to the right or left side. So this is the first change. Then next is that you can scroll or move the Start Menu to the left side.

Now about the Start Menu of Windows 11. Microsoft also changes the start menu. First, all the apps were visible. Now all apps are hidden in the All Apps option. So the interface will look systematic. Here you are also able to pin your favourite application. Even the recently opened files are also visible in this option. That’s it about the new change in the Taskbar and Start menu option of Windows 11.

The best integration of Microsoft teams feature:-

Then comes another best and new feature. The feature that everyone loves. It is the integration of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams in the built-in Windows 11 version. It is the simplest and most efficient version available in Windows 11. Microsoft Team is an application or software where you can communicate. The official collaboration is on Microsoft Team.

Some of them use Skype for communication. But when the Microsoft Team came then, Skype was not available now on Windows 11 version. And if you still want Skype, you can separately enable it on Windows 11 version. So only Microsoft Team is in integration form for communication. And this is the new and the best feature of the Windows 11 version shows. 

The best Snap layouts and Snap Groups feature:-

Now the other best Windows 11 feature is Snap Groups and Snap Layouts. Now the new layout feature provides different layouts for the screens. Suppose the display is bigger than one can split them in some layouts. For that, you have to go to the Maximize button on display. And then six new layouts will appear. From those layouts, you can select any one layout option.

So that it will split according to your need; if you minimize it, it will recall again. Recalling of layouts is available in the Windows Snap layout feature. All the layouts will go to the Taskbar. And then, you can get them back from Taskbar. So this is another best features of the Windows 11 version. The feature of Snap group is also known as the multitasking feature. 

The best Game pass and Xbox feature:-

Then comes another best feature of Windows 11. Users mostly play games. Suppose was an experiment by some users to play a game on Windows 11. And the experiment was successful. It shows more smooth performance on Windows 11. So users like to play games on Windows 11. The Built-in feature that Game and Xbox pass is the best ever for gamers.

The Xbox feature provides a multitasking device. One can connect with various accounts and devices. Access to Xbox pass and game pass is by having an account on Microsoft. So the user with Microsoft account can get the Pass of the game and Xbox. With the Pass, the gamer or user can purchase the games to their needs.

It has Microsoft Store and DirectStorage for fast loading of files:-

Windows 11 comes with another feature of storing and storage. So it has vast storage so that files will load and transfer fast. Then it also has a Microsoft store in it. The Direct Storage feature allows the users to access the games fast. The game will load fast than before. Then in the Microsoft store, various Windows 11 apps are available. You can select any application from the Microsoft store. And that’s it, and these are all the best and new features of the Windows 11 version.