Windows 11 is the new and latest version of the Windows operating system. Many PCs, as well as the laptops purchased in the era of 2021, gets the scheduled Installation of windows 11. This means windows 11 is free for these devices. So if you want to install windows 11 on your pc, laptop, and Macbook, then you are at the right place. Here we will explain the step-to-step procedure of downloading and installing windows 11 on your device. But before it, let’s see the pc specifications required to install windows 11. So let’s get started.

What are the system specifications to install windows 11?

Before proceeding to the windows 11 installation, you need the following system specifications, and these are as follows;

  • Pre-installed windows 11 version or later with the free windows updates available.
  • The processor must be 1Gz or faster with 64-bit.
  • Minimum RAM of 4Gb.
  • 64Gb of the internal storage required for the windows 11 files.
  • System firmware of UEFI, secure boot capable.
  • TPM version 2.
  • 720p display.
  • And a stable internet connection to download the software for windows installation.

What are the steps to setup the windows 11 on your PC or laptop?

If you already have the specifications mentioned above on your PC, then you will need to follow these three discrete steps to set up windows 11 for your Pc;

Downloading the windows 11 setup:

windows 11 file download

You will need a stable intersection connection and these steps to download the windows 11 setup;

  • If your Pc or laptop does not provide the windows 11 free installation, you must purchase it first.
  • After you purchase, you will get the download options directly.
  • You can also enter “Download Windows 11” in the search bar.
  • Then you will get many search options.
  • Here go to the Microsoft official site for windows download.
  • On this site, you will get three different methods to download windows.
  • The assistant download, Media installation, and the ISO file download.
  • But we suggest you eo select the “Windows 11 Installations Assistant”.
  • Here you will get the download button.
  • Click on the download button, and then the windows setup file will download on your pc.
  • Now you need to check your Pc specs and install windows 11.

Check Compatibility:

To check the installation compatibility for your Pc or laptop;

  • Go to your web browser and enter the check for compatibility in the search bar.
  • Now click the enter key.
  • Then click on the Microsoft link appearing in the search bar.
  • You need to click on the download Pc health check app button on the site.
  • Wait for the download and open the application.
  • Now the application will show your PC health.
  • After this, you can proceed with the windows 11 setup.

Installation of windows 11 setup:

Follow the steps given below to install the windows 11 setup for your Pc and Laptop;

  • Now go to the downloads folder of your Pc.
  • Here double, click on the windows 11 setup file.
  • Now permit by your side to start the Installation.
  • There are three different processes.
  • First, it will download the windows 11 setup files.
  • For this, you will require little time.
  • Then The software verifies your download.
  • Now, wait for the third process to occur, i.e., Installation.
  • This process requires more amount of time to complete.
  • So you must wait at least one hour for the third step to complete.
  • Then you get the restart button.
  • Here click the restart button and plug your laptop into the power supply.
  • If you have any open files on your system, save them and then go for the restart option.
  • Now your pc or laptop will take some more time.
  • Now your windows installation is ready, enter your windows pin and start your windows.
  • Here your interface will change, and you will get windows 11 on your Pc.

How to install windows 11 on Macbook?

Windows 11 natively on Mac

Following are the steps explaining the Installation of windows 11 on my Mac:

  • First, you must purchase the windows 11 license key from the official Microsoft site.
  • Then you need to download the Windows 11 ISO file.
  • Take a 16Gb pen drive and mount the ISo file into the Pendrive.
  • Now format your Macbook, and then go for the booting process.
  • After this, you need to go to the system boot menu.
  • Here you need to select the ISO file present on your Macbook.
  • But before proceeding, you need to uninstall the file currently in your Installed Mac system folder.
  • Select the folder and then click on the install button.
  • Now select the drive where you need the windows to install.
  • Then click on the install button.
  • You will need to wait for a few minutes to hours.
  • Then you will get windows 11 installed on your Mac.
  • For any error occurring in the process, contact our customer care unit.
  • We are here to solve your problem online or by sending the engineer to your doorstep.
  • You can also install windows 11 on the Mac using the steps provided for the windows installation on previously installed windows Pc.
  • In this way, you can install windows 11 on your Facebook.