If you are using your windows 10 Pc and suddenly you come across a crash type of filling. Your windows screen turns blue and shows you some text informing you the system is crashing; don’t worry, it’s a clock Watchdog timeout error. The error occurs due to the over usage of the system or the malfunctioning of a single or multiple types of error. Here we have the solution to fix the clock watchdog timeout error on your windows 10 Pc. But before proceeding with it, let’s know why the error occurs. So let’s start.

What are the reasons for the Clock Watchdog timeout error on windows 10?

Following are some of the reasons that are responsible for the clock watchdog error timeout on windows 10;

  • No Updated Drivers: If your Pc contains the wrong drivers or the drivers are not up to date till the time of your Use, there are high chances that the clock watchdog timeout error will occur.
  • Overclocking of the Pc: Many users overclock their Pc’s to get a high-performance yield. But overclocking leads to an increase in the load on the system, and the chances of crashing the system increases. 
  • Malfunctioning of the RAM: If your RAM is of some old type and needs to be changed within the period, then there are chances that the RAM may get hampered by the application loads. So the RAM malfunctioning can also lead to the Clock Watchdog bluescreen error.
  • Problem Regarding the Processor: If your processor, i.e., the core of the processor, takes more than one thread to work, then the system will malfunction and show you the blue screens clock Watchdog error.
  • Updation of external Device drivers: Due to the under-updation of the external device (Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, USB, Pendrive) drivers, the error can occur.

We have seen all the reasons for the Clock watchdog time error occurring in Windows 10; now, let’s see the solution for this problem.

Solution for the Clock Watchdog timeout error on windows 10:

Following are the solutions for the Clock Watchdog timeout error on windows 10. They have explained the problems, i.e., the reasons mentioned above. So let’s start with the solutions for the same.

Updating the PC drivers:

Windows itself continuously update Windows 10 drivers. The drivers are updated along with the system update. But the device updates are not available for you automatically. So for this, you need to follow the steps given below;

  • Just go to the web browser of your windows 10 device.
  • Then type the name of your Pc or laptop’s motherboard, i.e., MSI, ASUS, and many more.
  • Then enter the driver download in front of the name.
  • , you will reach the driver download site of your pc.
  • Download the drivers for your model by selecting the model you use.
  • Then after downloading, try installing the drivers from there.
  • After it, restart your system, and It will resolve your error.

You can also use the third-party site to download and install the driver update.

Disabling the Overclocking of your PC:

You often use the overclocking software on your Pc or overcook the Pc from the Bios. So to disable the overclocking,

  • Go to your system bios.
  • Depending on your motherboard brand, you can go to the system bios using the restart button and any particular command.
  • Then, go to the overclocking settings in the bios.
  • Here you will get the overclocking of various parts such as the system, RAM, and Graphic card.
  • Then disable it and then restart your system.
  • In this way, you can disable the overclocking settings.

Some third-party apps are helping with the overclocking of the Pc system. So you need to uninstall such applications and then try to restart your Pc.

Disabling the Hyperthreading:

Sometimes, the clock watchdog timeout error occurs due to the hyperthreading of your system. So even if the problem continues after disabling the overclocking of the system functionalities, the hyperthreading problem may be the reason.

  • So go to your Pc bios.
  • Visit the Advanced settings.
  • Here you can disable the hyperthreading of your system.

Running the Memory Diagnostic tool:

If there is any problem or malfunctioning RAM on your PC, you can run the memory diagnostic tool on your Windows 10 PC or laptop. So to perform the diagnostic,

  • Go to the start button of your windows ten present in the left bottom corner.
  • Then search for the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.
  • Open the tool.
  • Click on the Restart Now and Check for Problems.
  • If it shows the problem in your RAM.
  • Then you need to change your RAM and input the new one.
  • So this solution can also run for your situation.

Other solutions Include:

  • Keep your Bios Updated.
  • It must update Windows regularly.
  • Storage, USB, Pendrive, and mouse keyboard drivers must be up to date.
  • Prevent overclocking.
  • Reduce the Use of the Third part applications.

Now, even by performing all the settings mentioned above, your Pc shows the same error repeatedly, i.e., frequently, then follow Windows reset option.

Reset your windows:

  • If none of the solutions mentioned above works for your PC, you must go for the windows reset.
  • In this, all the data present in your c drive will vanish.
  • So go to your Pc settings, i.e., windows 10 settings.
  • Here search for the factory reset option.
  • Then click on it.
  • Select the type of reset you need to perform.
  • Then, select the complete reset option.
  • Confirm the reset by entering your windows Pin or password.
  • Then wait for the system reset to undergo.
  • Now configure all your Pc functionalities according to the legit way.
  • Avoid the above factors that are responsible for the Clock watchdog timeout error.

This was all about the Clock Watchdog timeout error on Windows 10, the reasons, solutions, and procedure to solve the error. If your problem persists for longer, contact Microsoft customer care, and we’ll provide you with the proper solution depending on your problem.