You often face an error in connecting the ethernet connection for your windows pc. The reason behind this situation, where Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration, is variable. If you counter the above error, you are at the right place. Here we have a solution for the ether that doesn’t have a valid IP configuration. Let’s try various methods to resolve the error and smoothly connect your ethernet connection to a windows 10 pc. So let’s get started.

Why Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration (windows 10)?

There are several reasons behind the Ethernet doesn’t have a Valid Ip configuration error. Some of these reasons are as follows;

  • Drivers are not Up to Date: Sometimes, the drivers have not been updated, i.e., the latest version of drivers is available, and the older version consists of some bugs or errors. To solve the IP configuration error, you must keep the drivers up to date.
  • Inappropriate Ip Address Process: While connecting to the ethernet connection, you need to enter some specific Ip address on your Pc that helps you connect the internet connection to your PC. But due to, an inappropriate process of configuration can lead to invalid IP configuration.
  • Wrong Network Adaptor settings: The network adaptor settings are important for any Pc to have an ethernet connection. The ethernet port adaptor gets an exact port driver that needs settings.
  • Router error: The ethernet connection requires a router to get connected. So sometimes your router can get an error providing inappropriate connectivity. So you need to reset the router to get the error online.

How to Solve Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration?

The following solutions will help you solve the Ethernet that doesn’t have a valid IP configuration. So let’s discuss these solutions;

Setting Up the Network Adaptor properly:

Your network adaptor needs to be set up properly, so here are the appropriate and correct network adaptor settings you will need to perform.

  • For this, turn on your Pc and then connect the ethernet wire to the ethernet port.
  • After this, go to the windows search bar and search for “Run.”
  • Then here you must search for the ncpa.cpl.
  • This will open up the network settings.
  • Then simply, the connected ethernet connection will be visible.
  • Right-click on the ethernet tab and then click on the properties tab.
  • Now, among the appearing options, select the “Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)” option.
  • Selecting this option, click on the properties tab again.
  • Here select the Obtain IP address automatically and also the DNS automatically.
  • Now click on the apply option and then click the ok button.
  • This will solve your problem.
  • If not, go for the manual application of the IP address and DNS server.
  • Here enter the IP address in the box as “IP Address:, Subnet Mask as:, and Default Gateway as:”.
  • Also, use the DNS Server entries as “Prefered DNS Server:, and Alternate DNS server as:”.
  • After this, simply click on the ok button and try using your internet browser.
  • It will be resolved if the problem is related to the Network adaptor configuration.

Updated Drivers Installation:

You must install the updated version for Windows and your c drivers. For this;

  • Go to the official site of Microsoft and then download the windows drivers by searching them.
  • Also, you will need to select your operating system.
  • Install them and then restart your Pc.
  • Then again, go to the internet browser and the official site of your pc.
  • It would help if you searched for the drivers for your system bios.
  • Then download these drivers and install them in compatibility mode.

To Install the drivers in compatibility mode;

  • Right-click on the downloaded driver setup.
  • Then go to properties.
  • Click on the compatibility tab.
  • Here tick on the “Run this program in compatibility mode for.”
  • Finally, select your operating system, click on apply, and then an ok button.
  • The driver will now install it and will resolve the error.

Control Panel settings:

By rebooting the control panel, you can get your original settings back. So here are the control panel settings to reboot your PC;

  • Go to the windows button and then go to the control panel.
  • Now navigate to the power options present over here.
  • You will get “Choose what the power button does on the left side.” Click on it.
  • Then click on the “Change Settings that are currently unavailable.”
  • Here uncheck the “Turn on Fast Startup” Settings.
  • Then save the changes.
  • Now reboot your pc.
  • Here you will get your previous settings for the control panel, and other settings remain the same.

This way, you can get the default settings for the ethernet connection and then run the ethernet connection.

Running the Troubleshoot:

Troubleshoot is the inbuilt diagnostic tool of windows that helps you find the error and solve it. TO have troubleshooting on your PC;

  • Go to the network settings and then click on the ethernet settings.
  • You will get the error “Ethernet Doesn’t have valid IP configuration.”
  • Then a troubleshooting option will be present in front of the error.
  • Click on it.
  • Follow the on-screen process, and the troubleshooting will discover your ethernet configuration’s problem.
  • Within a few seconds, it will make a solution on your PC.

This is how you can use the troubleshooter to solve the ethernet connectivity issues.

To reset the router:

Sometimes, the router is responsible for the invalid IP configuration due to inappropriate router settings. So to reset the router;

  • Go to your router.
  • Then at the backside, you will get the reset button.
  • Hold the button for a while, and your router will now reset.
  • Now you can connect to your router and follow the router settings to setup it up again.

You can also try:

  • Restart your PC
  • Reset your PC, i.e., factory reset.
  • Reinstall the network adaptor on your pc.
  • Disable IPv6 Settings.
  • Enable DHCP settings.

So this is all about the solution for Ethernet doesn’t have a valid Ip configuration (Windows 10).