If you are facing a problem downloading the Netflix application on your Windows 10 pc, then here is the fix to it. A few days back, the Netflix application was not available for the Windows operating system. But recently, Netflix announced as well as applied the change that Netflix will provide a separate application for the laptop as well as pc. So they provided the Netflix application for the Windows system, which you can download with the help of the microsoft store. But some computer users are facing the problem of download Netflix for pc. This can be due to the cache in the application itself or the microsoft store. So let’s find out the fault and fix it.

Fix Why Can’t I Download Netflix for PC:

So here is the list of solutions provided below that will help you download as well as play Netflix on your pc or laptop.

Clear the Cache of the Microsoft Store:

The cache is the error files that need to fix or clear so that they might not strike in the process of working on any application. When you try to download Netflix for pc, there are chances that the cache might interfere with the download process leading to the failure in downloading Netflix. So here is the solution for the same.

  • Just go to the settings of your windows pc.
  • There, go to the apps section.
  • Visit the microsoft store section.
  • Go into the app details and then go to the storage section.
  • Here you will get the option of clearing the cache.
  • Click on the option of clear cache for clearing the cache of the microsoft store.
  • Once the cache is, cleared, you can restart your pc and then go for download the Netflix application again.
  • This time your application will download easily.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Netflix Application.

Uninstalling the application and installing it can also help you download Netflix for pc. So here are the steps to do the similar;

  • Go to the settings of your windows pc.
  • Then simply click on the application section.
  • Here you will get the Netflix application.
  • Simply click on the application and then click on the uninstall button located below the icon.
  • Here your Netflix application will uninstall successfully.
  • Now go back to the microsoft store.
  • But before it goes to the c drive and deletes all the files that are related to the Netflix application.
  • Here in the Microsoft Tutor, search and download the Netflix application.
  • In this way, you can install the Netflix application.

Clear the Third-Party Application from the PC:

It would help if you did not keep any third-party applications on your pc. If such an application is present on your pc, then it can harm your files and damage the normal processing of your pc. So to clear such a third-party application, you need to follow these steps;

  • Go to the control panel of your pc.
  • Then visit the uninstaller section located in the bottom right corner of the window.
  • Here you will be able to see all the applications.
  • Just find out the third-party applications that do not belong to your system and click on them. Then click on the uninstall button by selecting these applications.
  • The uninstall button is located at the top of the main window.
  • In this way, you can clear all the third-party applications to download Netflix for pc.

Windows 10 Update, If Any Is Available:

Many times, Windows, as well as its store, malfunctions as the update of the Windows is pending, and this leads to failure in downloading Netflix for pc. So it would help if you kept your windows pc updated so far. And if you are unable to update, follow the steps provided to update your windows pc or laptop;

  • Simply visit the settings section of your windows PC.
  • And then, go to the Windows update section.
  • Or you can directly visit the update icon located on the taskbar on the right side.
  • After this, you need to click on the check for updates button.
  • Clicking on this button will check the available updates on your windows pc.
  • Then if the update is available, simply click on the update button and let the update download and install.
  • Prefer the high-speed wifi connection for updating your wifi.
  • Then simply restart your pc and then try downloading the Netflix application again.
  • I hope so. This time, the application downloads to your pc.

Reset the Netflix application:

This can be the commonest reason for errors in download Netflix for pc. So here is the solution with the steps that are important in resetting the Netflix application;

  • Simply go to the settings by searching the settings in the Windows search bar.
  • Here in the settings option, you will get the apps section.
  • Simply go into the app section, and there you will find the Netflix application.
  • Now simply click on the Netflix application and visit the advanced settings or options.
  • Here click on the reset button.
  • This will reset the Netflix application.
  • Now try to download the Netflix application again from the playstore.

Resolve the Problem Using the Troubleshooter:

Troubleshooting is an automatic error finder as well as a fixer. So if you ruin the troubleshooter on your pc, then it can find the problem and also the subsequent solution over it. So let’s run the troubleshooter.

  • Go to the Windows search bar located in the bottom left corner of the Windows screen.
  • From here, search for the troubleshooter application.
  • Now simply click on the troubleshooter appearing on the screen.
  • Please open it and then click on Start Troubleshooter.
  • Now it will find out the actual problem that is present in your system and then will provide the solution to it.
  • Then you can choose the option to auto-correct the problem.
  • The error will get resolved, and in this way, you can go for download Netflix for pc.

So this is all about the solution Why Can’t I Download Netflix on My Laptop & How Do I Fit It? I hope so you might have resolved the issue.